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Ride to Discover

A great Sunday morning. Rays of the sun warm the roads as spring turns into summer. You drive along with your family. You and your spouse in the front, the kids in the back. After a few moments you rearrange the seat as you start to feel uncomfortable; but now the seat belt disturbs and you tug it.  The station on the radio has changed; you decide to put on a CD. You have a hard time choosing between Sezen and Ferhat Göçer...as you see Kenan Doğulu on the other side you put it on. Although the weather is hot today, the air-condition is more than necessary and you turn it down a bit. You even open out the windows but now the humming is disturbing and you push the button to close them again.

On the other hand you try to catch up with the conversation going on between the children in the back. Right at that moment the phone rings, the name on the screen is Mehmet. You answer… They’re on the way too. You decide to meet them further on the way to spend the day together. You spouse asks you something about the article she reads and you try to remember what you have read earlier about the subject and share it with her. At the same time you’re busy in your mind making plans about some small details that you need to remember on Monday morning at work. But right at that moment, the sun rays reflecting on the rider’s helmet visor of the motorcycle riding along bring you back to now and you think… “What a wonderful day!”

The moment that you came across with the biker, you have missed the cosy place for breakfast on the right, couldn’t see the newly growing pine saplings after the forest fire of 3-4 years ago and you have turned automatically to the left at the crossroad… whereas the road on the right would have taken you through a beautiful village.
Being busy with changing CD’s and reaching the main road; the sign on the right pointing to Europe’s biggest Steam Power Train Museum didn’t catch your eye at all. Driving down the crooked road from Gökçealan, you were not aware of the train that drove along on your right… I don’t mention the porcupine at all….

Whereas I, on the bike… on the same route… on this beautiful Sunday morning, have faced the many beautiful things that make life worth living; and I have noticed them all…

The intense smell of gözleme after a 15-minute-ride teased my nose through the half open visor of my helmet. I slowed down a little bit and stopped then at the authentic small restaurant and enjoyed a great breakfast with bird sounds in the background.

Back on the road the headlight of a train caught my eye. It was most probably the Denizli Express. We came side by side, I slowed down the speed, hooted, waved but the engine driver didn’t see me, never mind.  As I passed the train right before the big curve, I recognised a small brown chunk and as I approached it I realised that it was a porcupine. Being in a hurry and stressed passing the road, its quills were upstanding.

As I rode up the beautiful road to Gökçealan, the sound of the wind blowing softly through my helmet was like the call of freedom that I chased on my bike, rather than a humming.

As I felt bad of the smell of burned oil coming out of the exhaust of the truck driving on the right of the climbing lane, I gave the engine the gun and quickly turned to the good smells that Mother Nature offered me. On top of the hill, the sounds in the environment warned me and I slowed down instinctively. Right in front of me hundreds of sheep; I greeted the shepherd who tried to cross the road with the herd and the dogs. As I watched the goats and sheep cross the road, the folksong “Kınalı Kuzu” (Hennaed Lamb) came to my mind, I started singing…

Even though the road was divided, I slowed down as I reached the village of Çamlık thinking of the children who might be playing on the side of the street. I drew in the refuge and continued my way until the sign directing to Kuşadası and slowed down again. As I saw the people in the coffeehouse on the right of the road, I stopped to have a tea. I had a talk with the local people and drinking my tea I took a glance into the newspapers of the coffeehouse.

I was about to leave as a sign caught my eye…”Selçuk Railway Museum”. I looked inside and decided to visit it on my next trip. Regarding its largeness it’s a place worth a long visit. Crossing the railway a little bit further I found the opportunity to watch little puppies playing with each other. 

As I came to the crossroads to turn right for Kuşadası, I remembered the route of Yeniköy that I passed this morning and thought “good that I took this road”. Passing the village, the smells reminded me once more of the smell in the barn of my grandfather’s house. 

Right at that moment I realised that the driver of the car coming across was startled for a moment when he saw me. I realised a little smile on his face as we came side by side. He must have a good time as well. A little further I remembered that we had planted little saplings with 40-50 biker companions a few years ago. I looked around… and realised that they started to grow. It went through my mind that we had something to leave to our children when they grow older... this made me happy…

I expanded the smile on my face that I always have while riding the bike and said to myself… “What a wonderful day!”

This article was published in a monthly magazine called GuideWise published by the Kusadasi Professional Tour Guides Association, in July 2009 issue..


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Exactly our feelings were described. Great Okkk

August 30, 2009 12:49 PM

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