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Cevapladığın mesaj: Importing a foreign Bike to Turkey
John Zourbakis aşağıdaki Mesajı Sun, Mar 11 2012 9:41’a yazdı.


So I am writing this in the hope that their have been some changes to the law since the last time I carried out the research. Up untill now the law in Turkey, regarding the importation of vehicles has seemed to offer two options: Arastiralim


1. Import the vehicle, change it to a blue licence plate and pay appropriate amount into a bank account owned by the TURING organization, according to the following pay scale as a guarantee that the vehicle will not be resold. You cannot access the money the vehicle is remoced officially from the country OR resold to another foreigner, in which case the buyer pays the same amount into the bank account and you receive your money back. The vehicle cannot be sold or lent to a Turkish national AND if you decide to leave the country, without the vehicle ( even for a short period of time! ) you have to leave it at the customs AND pay a fee for them to hold it for you untill you return.Focus


2. You may bring a vehicle into the country for a period of six months in the year, after which it has to stay outside the country for another six months. Border runs are out of the question, as you can only keep the vehicle in for 6 months within a 12 month period.


According to these documents however it seems that the law has changed, now allowing you to import a vehicle for two years, without the need to deposit a guarantee at the bank, AND with the prospect of renewal if necessary. Bakalim

Now, I'm not sure as to the validity of these claims or laws, and have been trying to find a way around this system for the last 5 years!

I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas, or experience on the issue. ANY input from our Turkish friends would be highly appreciated and also, should anyone care to translate this post into Turkish, it would be highly appreciated  coolll .



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