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Birdal Kanmış aşağıdaki Mesajı Wed, Jan 27 2010 20:02’a yazdı.

Hi, Jyrki. His name is Haakon, a Norwegian. We have been friends for long and sharing ideas on bikes and everything. One day, I sent him the link and he liked it here. In fact, he signed in but he knows no word of Turkish and has difficulty in understanding what to do, how to join here. We plan to write a paragraph when he is ready as he works at nights. He is so skillful at mechanics and teaches me all stuff as we have same bikes. Lucky me. Besides, he is so friendly though this word only is so insufficient to describe him. Of course, this is just an invitation. I am sure you are happy here as you know Turkish whereas this is really hard for foreigners.

P.S. We have been writing at together. I think I know you and you know me, too. ( my nick is the venturer  )

Take care.

Selamlar, kendine iyi bak.

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